Lancashire and South Cumbria Local Maternity System

Healthier Lancashire & South Cumbria is the partnership of NHS, local authority, public services and community organisations which are working together improve services and help the 1.7 million people in Lancashire and South Cumbria live longer, healthier lives. The region covered by the Healthier Lancashire & South Cumbria Better Births local maternity system is the same as this footprint and is diverse. The geographies are different and so are some of the local challenges.


Consultant led labour ward
Home birth

Alongside Midwife-led Unit (AMU)1

Freestanding Midwife-led Unit (FMU)2
  1. A place to give birth that’s on the same hospital site as a
    maternity unit, but where care is provided by midwives and
    not doctors. Also known as an alongside birth centre.

  2. A place to give birth that is run by midwives and isn’t on
    the same site as a hospital maternity unit. Also called a
    standalone or freestanding birth centre