Maternity support worker

Working life

As a maternity support worker, you’ll work under the supervision of a registered midwife. They are sometimes also known as maternity healthcare support workers or midwifery assistants.

You’ll be:

  • helping to care for mothers and babies
  • making routine observations
    (temperature, pulse, blood pressure, breathing, etc)
  • updating records and other admin tasks
  • educating parents one-to-one or in groups
  • taking blood samples for testing
  • ordering stationery and equipment
  • preparing equipment
  • promoting breastfeeding
  • reporting problems to a registered midwife or nurse

They work in:

  • the community
  • post-natal wards
  • maternity theatres
  • delivery suites
  • midwifery led units

You need to be able to cope with emergency situations and straightforward labour and birth.