Blackburn Birth Centre


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Blackburn Birth Centre

Blackburn Birth Centre is a free standing birth centre where women, who are not anticipating any problems, labour and give birth to their babies in a relaxed home from home environment.

This birth centre offers 4 birthing rooms with the availability of 3 birthing pools.

It is designed to be a home-from-home environment. The rooms are decorated with soft comfy furnishings and lighting to enable a calm and tranquil setting for birth. We also provide initial support postnatally with caring and feeding your newborn baby. The birth centre offers a holistic environment that it is welcoming and safe if you have been under midwifery led care throughout your pregnancy.

There is a family-centred approach with the emphasis on sensitive midwifery care. Women are encouraged to move through their labour supported by skilled midwives and their choice of birth partners. All staff encourage and promote physiological (natural) birth by recognising and respecting the process of normal birth. The evidence tells us that women who move around in labour and are in a relaxed environment require less pain relieving drugs and often progress through labour more quickly.

We opened in September 2010 and became fully operational in November 2010. The beautiful facilities offer families a relaxed environment where they can start their journey in to parenthood and it is quickly becoming one of the largest free standing birth centres in the country.

The birth centre in Blackburn is staffed by team midwives who work at the birth centre and also work in the local community. All staff who work at the birth centre also support women who wish to birth their babies at home.

The services provided from the birth centre:

  • Antenatal care
  • Care in labour and immediately after the birth
  • Postnatal care
  • Newborn examination
  • Vaccinations
  • Parent education programmes
  • Tours of the facility - please not tours have been suspended until further notice
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Hearing screening
  • Arranging and supporting home birth


There are four birthing rooms and a four-bed rest area. Three of the birth rooms have lovely big birth pools which we encourage you to use during your labour and birth if you wish. Each room has a private patio area. There are beautiful gardens that you can enjoy walking around in or sitting outside in the sunshine when the weather allows!

Your privacy is very important and all the rooms have large private bathrooms which you can use both during labour and after the birth of your baby.

Midwives work at the birth centre and in the community so there is every chance that you will meet a midwife that is already known to you during your stay with us. Whilst we serve the East Lancashire area, women who live outside this area are welcome to book with us for their birth.

Blackburn Birth Centre offers care during the antenatal period, normal labour and the period after the baby has been born. In the event that a transfer to hospital is required, the mother will be transferred in an ambulance, with a midwife in attendance throughout to offer support and care.

The Blackburn Birth Centre operates 24 hours a day and over the 7-day per week period. Midwives can be contacted at anytime for advice and support in matters relating to pregnancy and the time shortly after birth. We can also support you regarding your choice of feeding and help you with any questions you may have.

Home Birth

Rather than coming into hospital to have your baby, many women chose to give birth at home. This option is available to women who are considered to be low-risk or have no underlying medical conditions.

You can request to have a home birth with your midwife. After the birth of your baby, care and support are provided in your home.

If you choose to have your baby at home, then the community midwifery team will be happy to support this - as long as no problems have been identified in your pregnancy. If there are additional risks which would suggest recommendation of birth in a consultant led unit, but you choose to have your baby at home, discussions can be facilitated by your named community midwife and Supervisor of midwives.

If you wish to give birth at the Blackburn Birth Centre you can speak to your midwife or telephone the birth centre on 01254 733434.

If you live out of the area and wish to have your baby here then please telephone the birth centre and the midwives will be happy to help.

The birth centre is centrally located, close to the town centre and on a regular bus route. There is a car park at the birth centre and this offers direct access to the birth centre.


Contact Information

Blackburn Birth Centre, Park Lee Road, Blackburn, UK