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The last two years have presented unprecedented challenges for our maternity workforce, which has inevitably had an impact on the capacity of our staff to complete both essential maternity training and additional training to further support you in your roles. As we work towards recovery of staffing levels across all four of our provider Trusts and ensuring staff have well-being support, we are continuing to develop resources and useful links to training and development opportunities, which are all accessible through this resource hub.

Much work has already been done collaboratively across the system and you can find information through the links at the top of this page for:

  • Essential Maternity Training: A comprehensive Training Needs Analysis has been developed in collaboration with all four maternity provider Trusts which clearly maps all the essential training required for you to complete to be compliant. A longer-term piece of work will continue to support standardised training across the patch.
  • Transformational Training: A number of supportive transformational training packages have been developed for staff, to enhance confidence and capability in key areas of your role. There are also links to packages which have been developed nationally to support professional development
  • Leadership & CPD: As a system we are working together to create opportunities for developing both senior leadership in maternity across Lancashire and South Cumbria and other opportunities for leadership as part of your roles within maternity, at your individual Trusts. In addition, you can access development opportunities through NHS partnership organisations.
  • Local training at your Trust: Each Trust has a list of internal training and development courses and resources that you can access through your site and a dedicated Practice Development Midwife for support and advice.
Helena Brown UHMBT

Helena Brown UHMBT

Practice Development Manager

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